Letter from IPHC Presiding Bishop

Dear Brother Donavan,

Grace and peace in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ our Savior!

I want to personally thank you, the Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church, and the two other conferences for all you did to make the IPHC Fifth Global Assembly a success. Since we met over a month ago, I continue to receive reports, almost on a daily basis, of what an inspiring event we had in Hong Kong. All of you can be justly proud and thankful for all that the Lord did through you. Many people have expressed that they believe this event did more to expand the vision of the IPHC than anything they have ever attended.

I want to thank you for the personal time you gave to the pastors of the M-Initiative and the tour of the Wing Kwong PHC. The remarks you shared with everyone there that afternoon, and the personal insights you gave on the tour, greatly impacted all of us. Your remarks on Wednesday night at the opening banquet were very appropriate. I just wish you would have felt free to have spoken longer!

The music and worship by the Wing Kwong choir, worship teams, and musicians, was outstanding. The Holy Spirit truly used all of them to prepare our hearts for His Word and presence.

Thank you and your team for the presence of the “angels” at the airport and especially on the tours following the conference. Susan and I were blessed by the love and support of Eddy Kwok and Superintendent Jonathan Kan and his wife. They were a great joy and blessing to us and everyone on our bus.

Finally, you mentioned about me possibly returning this fall for the grand opening of the Stone House Gardens. I would love to do that. As of now, I am free on weekend of September 18, 19th. Let me know if that would work for you.

Again, our hearts continue to be filled with great joy at what the Lord has done through you at the Global Assembly. You and all our brethren in Hong Kong remain in my constant prayers. I am,

Sincerely yours,


Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr.

IPHC Presiding Bishop

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